Computational BioNano Technologies



Progress in Antiviral Therapy:


We apply and develop latest software technology to investigate biological systems.

The goal is to support progress in antiviral therapy.


Our molecular simulation platforms are built to meet your special needs of fast and

reliable in silico data acquisition and analysis.


We offer docking tools for analysis of small-molecule target interactions and

combined technologies for the analysis of larger systems.




We will

- use the latest bioinformatics tools to assess the fold of your protein

- assess existing structural models and generate novel structures

- analyze the binding energy of drug candidates

- apply pharmacophore modeling to suggest novel drug candidates

- search existing data bases

for you.


At our hands is a set of software to do

- structure based docking

- molecular dynamics (MD) simulations

- ab-initio calculations

- Monte Carlo simulations

- pharmacophor modeling




Prof. Dr. Wolfgang B. Fischer

Email: w_b_fischer (at) yahoo.com

See also: www.ym.edu.tw/~wfischer/